From Blueprint to Benchmarks: Building a Framework for Elder Justice (January 2016)

Five years ago, Improving California’s Response to Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation (see below) laid out a plan for ensuring justice to California’s older members. It drew from from California’s first elder justice summit, which brought together innovators and stakeholders from around the state.  Five years later, From Blueprint to Benchmarks: Building A Framework for Elder Justice (B2B) begins where the first blueprint leaves off. Drawing from the second elder justice summit, B2B builds on the successes that have been achieved to date and proposes attainable goals for the future.

To download From Blueprint to Benchmarks (B2B) click here.

We welcome you to use B2B to:

  • Guide your work with abused and vulnerable elders
  • Assist you to design new programs and expand existing programs by identifying unmet needs and justifying funding proposals
  • Craft public policy
  • Set research agendas

We'd like to know your thoughts, ideas, and plans for using B2B. Let us know at

Developing an Undue Influence Screening Tool for Adult Protective Services (February 2016)

The California Undue Influence Screening Tool (CUIST) was developed under a grant from the Borchard Foundation Center on Law and Aging. Mary Joy Quinn, Director (ret.) of the Probate Court, California Superior Court, San Francisco County was the project director. The project was administered by California Elder Justice Coalition. (CEJC). Lisa Nerenberg, Executive Director of CEJC was the consultant to the project and Adria E. Navarro, Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine at the University of Southern California was the research director. Kathleen H. Wilber, the Mary Pickford Foundation Professor of Gerontology at the University of Southern California School of Gerontology was the adviser to the project.

CUIST was developed to help Adult Protective Service personnel screen for suspected undue influence using elements contained in California Probate Code §86 and Welfare and Institutions Code §15610.70: 1) Client Vulnerability, 2) Influencer’s Authority/Power, 3) Actions/Tactics, and 4) Unfair/Improper Outcomes.


California Undue Influence Screening Tool (CUIST)

Instructions for Completing California Undue Influence Screening Tool (CUIST)

Developing an Undue Influence Screening Tool for Adult Protective Services:  Final Report to the Borchard Foundation Center on Law and Aging

CEJC Caregiving Policy Brief (March 2015)

CEJC’s Caregiving Subcommittee developed a policy brief describing the interface between caregiving and elder abuse and offering recommendations for supporting caregivers and preventing abuse.

To view the policy brief click here.

LTSS Action Plan (January 2014)

Educating Elder Justice Professionals About Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS): An Action Plan draws from the insights and experiences of experts and stakeholders in the elder justice and LTSS networks to offer concrete recommendations for ensuring justice and fairness to LTSS consumers.

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Blueprint (January 2011)

This document represents over two years of exploration and discussions by advocates, service providers, experts in elder abuse prevention and related fields, and others with an interest in ensuring justice, safety, and security for older adults in California. These include the findings from the first state summit on elder abuse, held in April of 2010, an environmental scan to gather the collective knowledge about abuse and related topics, and discussions with the leaders of state agencies, professional associations, and advocacy groups.

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